[Video Description: Xavier, a wiry man about 30, olive skinned with short, curly black hair and a goatee, sits at a dining table with wine glass, wine bottle and goblet, and a decorated cake.
Another man, Arthur, sits opposite with only his arms and hands visible, tearing a crust of bread.
Later, Arthur rises and enters the kitchen area behind Xavier. He’s a similarly aged, tall, blond and bearded, pale-skinned man, wearing a beanie.]

Çağlar Kimyoncu and I collaborated during lockdown to develop this story. We found two actors who lived together – Delcio Ferreira and William McGeough -and started meeting with them over Zoom every week, creating improvisations around an early script, but not going back to the script until just before shooting. Then shooting it DIY in our studio once lockdown ended, with a crew of just me, Çağlar and 4 others over 3 days.

For me it’s been powerful and revealing dive into relationship dynamics, a labour of love, and a lockdown project all at the same time.

26 mins. 2022
altered waterfall